Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bean Scene Magazine - Campos Coffee

After the success of my previous job for Bean Scene they since asked me to shoot Campos coffee in its entirety. From bean to coffee cup....

Fixing Coffee machines....

Coffee tasting happens every morning!

The roasting process...

And finally, to your cup!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New year - But what a hectic way to spend it!!!!

After putting out numerous large quotes for New Years Eve, because no one really wants to work that day.... do they?? But I was booked...on the 29th December, can you believe it. So I had to change my plans for NYE, cut my holiday a short and come on down for a HECTIC night work at "Dolton House" Jones Bay Wharf and there new location Darling Island Wharf opposite Star City. But what a funny way to spend NYE...alone and working, with no way of contacting the girlfriend and the only real option I had for a NYE kiss was a 75yr old Slovakian woman :). Well at least the photos came out ok!!!

Jones Bay Wharf:

Darling Island Wharf:

Oh yeah... if you haven't noticed, I was only commissioned to do Marketing material.