Friday, January 1, 2010

A New year - But what a hectic way to spend it!!!!

After putting out numerous large quotes for New Years Eve, because no one really wants to work that day.... do they?? But I was booked...on the 29th December, can you believe it. So I had to change my plans for NYE, cut my holiday a short and come on down for a HECTIC night work at "Dolton House" Jones Bay Wharf and there new location Darling Island Wharf opposite Star City. But what a funny way to spend NYE...alone and working, with no way of contacting the girlfriend and the only real option I had for a NYE kiss was a 75yr old Slovakian woman :). Well at least the photos came out ok!!!

Jones Bay Wharf:

Darling Island Wharf:

Oh yeah... if you haven't noticed, I was only commissioned to do Marketing material.

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