Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cargo Bar

This was a serious job - Cargo Bar's marketing and advertising shots for their venue. Probably the hardest and most most diverse shoot that i had to do so far. Luckily every thing i have learnt thus far made an impact on the job and its out come. For architecture to food and people.... a good 12 hour day (without editing) and the Loft and Bugalow 8 to come and another night doing a night shoot for both locations.... yes i'm serious!!!!!

A huge thanks to Hugh O'Brian for helping me out.

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  1. Extremely impressed! And that is from someone that lives with this so forth growing talent! It blows me away every time I see Dominic's work, as it captures, highlights and always leaves me thinking 'how the hell did he do that?' reaction. If you're reading this Dominic, I just want to say I'm very proud of you and am so glad you're living your dream. See you at home Lovingtons! x