Saturday, August 1, 2009

Drifting back in time....

So... now that I have played the "Vivid Dream" music (ref to first Blog) to bring you back into past I can fill you in with whats been cracking in the world of D.L.P (Dominic Loneragan Photography, for those that don't know).

Road Rider Magazine
After Months of attempting to land a magazine, I was lucky enough to score "Road Rider" mag. Loved the shots as much as I loved listening to that Yamaha Roar!

This is in this months Road Rider Mag!

Your South Australia - SA Tourism
PR events are always exciting;
"Your SA" was bringing South Australia back to expats. It encases everything South Australian, with food, wine, entertainment and fashion designs all coming from SA (except the models :) ). Held at Zeta Bar, Hilton Hotel, Sydney.

Family Shoot
There is nothing like a cute happy family! ... The Lotz Family have been clients for a couple of years now... I think I'm safe to say that most my shots cover their walls!

Stockland - Green Star Accreditation
With the ever increasing reports about global warming Stockland has done something about it and were rewarded for it! This was a presentation for a Green Star Accreditation for their Castlereagh St Property in NSW. GOOD ON YA STOCKLAND!!

Party time.... After doing a Croatian wedding you really learn how those guys party!! Take note of the Pre-wedding celebrations in the Kitchen!! Scotch and shots for Breaky!

Gotta love a photo shoot on a Beach with a gorgeous girl.....

Sorry to get your hopes up boys!

Art Vs Science - Oxford Arts Factory
Being mates with a freaky awesome band such as "Art V Science" has its perks... like getting in their face and taking shots of them! Lets all Big it Up to A.V.S - shot while playing at Oxford Art Factory, Sydney.

Rip it up boys!

After a beautiful day in the Hunter Valley with a good of friends I produced these images! I wish I could shoot images like this all the time! Cute images, gorgeous light and amazing people. I'm sure that you will all agree that it is images like this that make you "feel"!

After pushing for work with Wasamedia; a marketing and PR company that mainly deals in the hospitality industry, and proving myself after doing a bang up job (If I do say so myself) at the Randwick football club launching their new Bar and Football Club house some GREAT jobs proceeded!

Randwick Football Club

The Beresford Hotel

The Gold Fish Bar - Internal and Victoria Secret Show

...Down Boys - Whhhiiippppssshhhhh!!

Italian Earthquake Appeal - Dolton House, Sydney

I was lucky enough to do my first fashion shoot for a friend the other month for her uni assignment... What a great experience. However, we were completely ill prepared. We ran out of light and didn't have a flashlight! So imagine shooting the in the dark, in the bush, with nothing to focus on! V interesting.... but they came out ok.... unfortunately not all of them were sharp as you could imagine!

Now... to a more serious note... Below is the launch of the ILSAC Legal Services Export Strategy, with Peter O'Byrne (Austrade CEO), Hon Sir Laurence Street (AC KCMG QC, ILSAC Chairman) Hon. Roberty McClelland MP, Attorney-General, Hon Anthony Byrn MP (Parliamentary Secretary for Trade). Commissioned by Austrade, Sydney.
Its better to be straight up and down about these things!

Stockland Balgowlah Opening, Internals and Managers Profiles
This was the total coverage of the new Stockland Retail section in Balgowlah, Sydney including the Opening, Internals and Managers Profiles for promotion. For this the internals I used the new 14-24mm 2.8f Nikon Lens - only the best lens in the world... ask anybody and of course the Nikon D3... the best camera in the world! Don't ask Canon photographers though, they might have a different opinion!
I can't just shoot for others... that would just make what I do a job, not a PASSION!

Well there is a start for you all! I hope that you have enjoyed and keep enjoying my following blogs.



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