Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CHOCOLATE!!!!! 2 August 2009

When i was asked to shoot the Chocolate Festival in the Hunter Valley my first question was.... "Will I get free chocolate?"

The Callebaut Dessert Competition was the focus of the day, although i was asked to cover the whole festival. I was lucky enough to drive up with one of the Chefs competing Daniele from Elios restaurant in Leichhardt. Good times, great company and GREAT imagery if i do say so myself!

I was already hungry when i arrived at the job and this was my first shot.... ahhhhh!

chocolate just isn't chocolate without kids eating it...
especially when its all over there faces!

ohhhhh.... what a waste! Can i lick the plates?
Back Breaking work - He must do yoga!
mmmm.... icecream!
"Bribes Taken Here" - Judges Panel

Cooking for a Crowd! With angled mirrors to make life for the viewer a little easier

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